365-20 TORF
Having not completed a previous 365 project with photography several years ago, I decided to take another stab at it. This is a bit more intense than the photography project, but I felt I needed to improve in a few areas. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note Tab 10.1 (2014) last year so I could get better at digital illustration. That didn't pan out, so a 365 would force me to draw and bring those drawings to life using Cinema4D, Photoshop, or Illustrator. So far I've only worked in Cinema4D for this project but plan on branching out after I hit my stride.
365-1 - Owl Thing Bot
365-1 Thingamajig
365-3 Roger
365-4 ?
365-5 Fizz
365-6 Krill
365-7 HA-450
365-8 Stinger
365-9 Nebula Burger Employee
365-10 Mr. Pigglesworth
365-11 RIP
365-12 Launch
365-13 Pawn
365-14 Snape
365-15 Quickie
365-16 Glorbit
365-17 Luck
365-18 Bloote
365-19 Tequila
365-20 TORF
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