Created for the Bradley University Interactive Media Portfolio Show at the Peoria Riverfront Museum. As lead editor and VFX supervisor, I also was involved in creating the 4K sequence deliverables for the museum. Under Jim Ferolo's supervision, I managed a four person team from script to final renders. I was also responsible for compositing the restaurant scene.
The majority was shot in 4k using a Sony FS model camera. Scenes were exported as DPX sequences in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and composited in After Effects CC. Color grading was performed in Speedgrade CC and final exports were TIFF sequences exported from Premiere Pro CC.

Bryan Borst: HUD Animation/Compositing
Andrew Chow: Compositing/Credit Roll
John Farmer: Editing/Compositing/Color/Particles
Ryan Rogy: Audio/Compositing/Animation
Ryan Quinn: Drone 3D Animation
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